I Know How to Deal With A Bully

By Randy Sauer

A Musical That Helps Children Understand What Bullying Is and How To Deal With Bullying!

I Know How to Deal With A Bully is a 25-minute musical for young performers.  It will entertain and educate your audience with four original songs and a short script with two speaking parts.  There are also optional acting parts that go with the songs.  Choreography suggestions are included along with three different suggested ways to use this musical.  Songs included are: Take A Walk In My Shoes, I Know How To Deal With A Bully, Thumbs Down To Putdowns, and You Didn’t Know.

The musical includes a Teachers Edition/Singers Book with reproducible parts for students, and a Performance/Accompaniment CD. (approx. 25 min., Grades 2-8)

Accompaniment CD includes Full Performance of songs with speaking parts and accompaniments for the songs.

This musical can be used in three different ways:

1)    Full Performance:

All songs performed by the students with the CD Accompaniment, Speaking parts performed by two students, and acting parts along with songs.

2)    Acting Performance:

Songs all done with the preview CD(with vocals) instead of a live choir, Speaking parts performed by two students, and acting parts along with the songs.

3)    Educational Listening:

All the songs are performed on the CD and speaking parts done by students. No acting out of songs. This option is good for classroom use. Discussion questions are also included with this musical.


This Mini-Musical would be great for a Anti-Bullying Committee at your school!!!


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Randy Sauer,  520 W.23rd,  Hays, KS  67601


Randy's Live Program about Bullying!

What people are saying:

  Thank you for coming to our school and providing our students and staff with such a great message and entertaining morning! Your performance was excellent! Your professionalism and talent are a great combination. Our students and staff were a buzz about the morning!  

David Ottley, Principal
Victoria Elementary School

Click here for Anti-bullying Musical Cover(pdf): http://randysmusicjam.bandvista.com/utils.php?action=filemanager&file=29970

First page of Musical(pdf): http://randysmusicjam.bandvista.com/utils.php?action=filemanager&file=29972


  "Thumbs Down To Putdowns" - This song is about telling someone if they can't say something nice to me then just don't say anything at all. How many times have you heard someone say that? I just thought I would put it in a song!!

"You Didn't Know" - This song is the ending song of my Mini-Musical "I Know How to Deal With A Bully" and it talks about how the bully does not know anything about the bullied person. The bully doesn't know anything about their home life, their hopes, their goals or dreams in life. If they would only take some time to get to know them they might not bully them.


 "Walk In My Shoes" - This song talks about taking a walk in the shoes of the person that is being bullied. Most times the people that are bullying don't think about how the person being bullied is feeling. It also shows different ways kids can be bullied in school and many times kids don't even realize they are being bullied. This song helps children see the different ways children are bullied.

"I Know How To Deal With A Bully" - This song gives students some ideas of ways to deal with bullying if they are being bullied.


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